Wet Foot

"Its shell tips to the side and it is only the suction of its wet foot that keeps it steady along the inside of my thigh. I almost let it complete its journey. My heart is pounding as the snail makes the slight transition from flesh to cotton. If I didn't have knickers on it would be there on my skin. My finger darts out to catch it. When it has climbed onto my hand there is a shining line to point out where it has been." 

- from Steeplechase by Krissy Kneen

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Breakup Tips


1. Avoid social media

Step into the shower. Scald away the slick of who you were, who he was on you—your bacteria, his. You are your own now.

Find a pen.

When you think of him, draw along your arms. When you hear his voice, press the nib to your throat: don’t speak don’t scroll don’t check don’t cry. Do not update. Press the black ink into your own body, and you can be anything, anything you want to seem to be. No one has to know. You are a book with no face.

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The Female Gaze

The female gaze:

1. Reclaiming the body and using it as a tool ... with the intention of using it to communicate a feeling- seeing.

2. Talking about how we become what men see ... my effect when I am seen -- the gazed gaze.

3. Returning the gaze -- daring to say 'I see you seeing me' ... 'I don't want to be the object any longer, I want to be the subject.'

The female gaze [is] a conscious effort to create empathy as a political tool. 

--Jill Solloway (TIFF, 2016)

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