I'm interested in understanding what causes variation in ageing and lifespan among people and animals



How does the environment drive ageing? What an individual does - and where they do it - has a dramatic impact on their lifespan. Our experiences affect the way our bodies use energy and modify the DNA we were born with, continually changing us. I want to understand more about how an individual's environment, choices, and behaviours affect the molecular and physiological mechanisms that determine longevity.  

Current research topics and collaborations:
- The metabolic basis for lifespan variation in wild northern quolls
- Environmental complexity and the ageing of motor and muscle function in antechinus
- Lifetime and sex-based variation in telomere length
- Heritability of telomere length in semelparous mammals
- Stress, hierarchy and longevity in mammals

A list of my academic publications can be found here.