As an editor,

I want to help academics make their writing as clear and straightforward as possible, to ensure that their message comes across as they intend. Clarity improves any kind of scientific communication, giving papers a higher impact and more citations and makes it easier for reviewers to see the value of work proposed in grant applications. I specialise in restructuring and simplifying papers and grants so that readers can immediately understand and appreciate them. 

I have a BSc (hons), MSc, and PhD in the biological sciences and have been the recipient of prestigious scientific awards including a US National Science Foundation Postgraduate Research Award, an Australian International Postgraduate Research Stipend, and an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Research Award. 

I am also an award-winning writer. My non-academic essays and stories have been published in top literary journals such as Creative Nonfiction, AGNI, NOON Annual, and Overland, selected for the 2017 Best Australian Essays, nominated for a 2018 Pushcart Prize, and won the 2017 VU Short Story Prize. No matter what the outlet, I endeavour to make content engaging and relevant. 

I am available for hire to revise and edit grants, academic papers, and other materials. Besides my own research writing, I have co-written several successful ARC Discovery and Linkage grants and fellowships and edited and restructured an ARC Laureate Fellowship application.

I am personable and professional, and my hourly rates are nationally competitive. 

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