Successful grants, papers, and reports are the ones that are read deeply and understood, and the best way to make that happen is through NARRATIVE.

By framing research findings, expertise, and aspirations in the context of story, we can better engage readers’ interest and convince them to listen.

photo by Glenn Carstens Peters

photo by Glenn Carstens Peters

Stories are as simple as:

  • the way things were

  • a gap that needs to be filled

  • the way you or your work will or has filled the gap

But it can be hard to get the story right and position it where it can be most effective for readers.

I help make complex research accessible to grant reviewers, panel members, government officials, and the public.

I have worked with academics to craft many successful Australian Research Council grants and fellowships, including:

  • Phase 1 of a $35mil Centre of Excellence (currently in Phase 2);

  • Laureate & Future & DECRA Research Fellowships;

  • Discovery & Linkage Research Grants

I have worked with university leaders to develop

  • Faculty Research Themes,

  • Campus Strategy documents,

  • a university-wide staff survey,

  • Student Strategy documents and presentations, and more.

I have worked directly with postgraduate students to help them improve storytelling technique, clarity of message, and writing efficiency.

I love working with enthusiastic researchers and students to use great writing to bring great research to the world. Let’s work together!