As a teacher and guide,

I want to help writers and scientists find new ways to communicate science with diverse audiences. Science is for everyone! Words are incredibly powerful—writers can integrate scientific perspectives, ideas, and characters into creative work, deepening readers’ understanding and appreciation of science. And scientists can use creative techniques to improve citation rates, uptake and memory of information and impact in society. These are the toolkits I want to share with people in my workshops.

I have 20 years' experience as a field and laboratory scientist in the study of animal ecology, physiology, and behaviour, and have published more than 26 papers in 18 different scholarly journals across diverse fields. For three years, I was the coordinator of the 3 minute thesis program at UQ's School of Biological Sciences, where I mentored participants in the competition. I am also an award winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, and use my creative work to inspire new ways of thinking about science communication.  

Are you a scientist? Find out more about my writing-in-science workshops here.

Are you a writer? Find out more about my science-in-writing workshops here.