September 2017

I just got my hard copy of the latest Creative Nonfiction. It's one of my absolute favourite literary magazines -- always beautifully curated and thought provoking -- and I'm so happy my words are part of it! Editor Hattie Fletcher was encouraging and insightful, and the whole process was a lot more fun than editing academic manuscripts ...

The MONA was the most wonderful and intense museum experience I've ever had -- especially since I was seeing it both in my own perspective and that of my novel's characters. My brain was literally leaking out my ears! Luckily, I had a glass or three of local pinot noir to catch it in :)

I'm in Hobart for a week of writing and research with my talented writing buddy Renee -- planning to finish the second section of Breeding Season (the novel) and explore the MONA.

And "Breeding Season" has won the 2017 Overland VU Short Story Prize! This story first emerged as part of a workshop with Lidia Yuknavitch (she's AMAZING, take her classes) and has since become the basis for my first novel. So this win is exciting because I'm already expanding these characters and ideas and because I think it's science-y in all the best ways. It'll be published in next month's Overland.

"Breeding Season" has just been shortlisted for the 2017 Overland VU Prize -- I'm so happy to be in such great company! Fingers crossed for the win! (Announced later in the month)

My nonfiction/memoir piece "Pluripotent" has just been published in the Creative Nonfiction issue on Adaptation. I'm REALLY excited about this essay because I think it highlights an alternative way that science might be shared with a non-scientific audience -- within the context of history, physiology, and personal experience. I'm keen to know is how effective this kind of science communication is, and how the facts stick in the readers' minds when presented in a new form and frame. 

August 2017

July 2017

Robbie, Nelle, and I were in Victoria at the annual conference of the Australiasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASSAB) - our first real whole-family conference. In the end, all three of us presented our work! I now firmly believe that 3 minutes is really all most people need to give a concise, punchy research talk. But I also came to see (again) how my family and my career are intertwined, for better or worse. Because ... life. Why are we always trying to separate them? Maybe work/home 'balance' isn't a see-saw with one on either end, but a basket full of stuff you have to carry up the stairs. 

June 2017

After two months in Phoenix, we're home! I love winter in the subtropics.

May 2017


The highlight of the month was a long-weekend revision workshop with Lidia Yuknavitch, followed by a few days of solo writing in Portland where I revised and submitted a short story called Breeding Season. What I love about Lidia's approach is her encouraging, thought-provoking mode of critique. I've not experienced anything like it, in science or in writing, and it comes from close reading and praise and thoughtful questioning. A pulling up of the heartlines of the piece so that - visible - they can be strengthened. It is possible to feel good about yourself and rip open your work at the same time.