Finding Science

It’s there, all around us - we just have to look for it - and hear, feel, taste, smell, sense it!

Old Texts and Maps

Charles Darwin’s writings - here online, and here as pdfs

Isaac Newton’s notebooks - here online, and here as a pdf

Gray’s Anatomy - here as pdfs

Maps I love - here as images

Bernie Krause’s Audio Archive, online here (click under site content list to change the soundscape)

Freesound, online here (browse by tag or geotag - #soundsofscience here)

Wildlife Sound Recording Society, online here

Australian Outback at Dusk, online here

Australian Rainforest, online here

WA Outback at Dawn, online here

Windy Coast, online here

Birds of the Outback, online here

Rain and thunderstorm, online here

What a healthy jungle sounds like,’ by Erica Gies (Scientific American, 2016), online here


To describe smells:

The Smell of Fresh Rain, by Barney Shaw - here

To describe tastes:

Flavor Matrix, by James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst - here

For colour:

Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours - here as pdf

Great Books

Scientific Articles

Open Access scientific journals, listed here

Free State Library of Queensland access to scientific journals, sign in here

Google Scholar, online here

Scientific Magazines and Newsletters

Aeon magazine, online here

Nautilus magazine, online here

Nature News, online here

Online, as I have here, or with objects from your lived world. Like CICADA shells!

Creating a collection